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Parent teacher communication

Research shows that children do better in school when parents talk often with teachers and become involved in the school. There are number of ways that parents and teachers can communicate with each other, rather than relying on the scheduled parent-teacher conferences. Close communications between parents and teachers can help the student.

The school regards a close parent/teacher/child relationship as essential in an effective learning process. Parents are encouraged to communicate regularly with classroom teachers at appropriate times. In this way a child’s progress can be carefully monitored, and any problems that may arise can be attended to promptly and rectified before major difficulties can develop.  A child who is actively and happily at ease in his/her environment will learn readily and progress effectively.
Whilst we encourage parents to regularly communicate with classroom teachers, we expect that parents will extend the courtesy of making an appointment in advance for detailed discussions. Warrigal Road State School promotes home/school communication with:
·         Home-School Communication 
Used by either the parent or teacher for messages, requests, explanations, permissions or communicating personal needs of the student.
·         Parent Information Evenings
Held early in term one to present an overview of the year level work, proposed year level and/or class activities and individual class teachers’ management procedures.
·         Parent – Teacher Interviews (Whole School)
General parent-teacher interviews are organised to provide a verbal report on the progress of students at the end of term one  and the beginning of term three.


Report cards are sent home at the end of term two and at the end of Tterm four.  The interview and report supplement regular contact between the home and the school.  Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to see the class teacher to discuss matters relating to their child’s education at any time throughout the school terms.   Likewise, teachers are expected to contact parents to discuss matters at other times throughout the school year on an, as needed, basis.
Concerns with individual student’s behaviour will usually involve a discussion with the Principal or Deputy Principal.  Reports issued throughout the year include:
·         School Progress Report - A written record of a student’s progress is issued at the end of term two and four. This report is then sent via email to the provided email address on enrolment.
·         NAPLAN Testing (term two);
·         Annual Report on Allocation of State Education (term four).